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“Jammin’ with Jamie”: Mike Zara Interview!

Hi, everyone!

It’s been a bit! Here’s the situation…

For the safety of its DJs, 89.3 WNUR FM is operating on a very limited basis for the foreseeable future. For Jammin’ with Jamie, this means our shows will have to be remote and prerecorded.

Some of you know that my computer was in and out of repairs for months, requiring me to work from various backup hard drives. Then, one of those hard drives very suddenly failed before I was able to update my other backups. Trying to restore my library of music and videos has been a daunting, painstaking task, and I’m not out of the woods on it yet.

When we do resume our more musical jam sessions, I will do what I can to announce themes in advance so everyone can get their requests in beforehand.

But, in the meantime, we can still jam!

This week, we’re featuring another Jammin’ with Jamie interview, with…

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