Brides (World Premiere Sneak Peak) Album

Cover art for the album, "Brides (World Premiere Sneak Peek)." Black background. Across the middle, the title, "BRIDES." "B" is white with a fang coming down toward the center, ending in a red tip. "R" is a hunchback in brown clothes. The "I" is a test tube filled with green liquid. "D," "E," and "S" are white letters. "S" has a fang coming down toward the center, ending in a red tip, a single drop of blood dangling from it. Below "BRIDES," in dripping red letters: "World Premiere Sneak Peek." In the bottom left, in the same font: "Melodies & Lyrics: Jamie Lee." Below that, in the same font, "Music: Jamie Lee & Gary L. Luz"Brides (World Premiere Sneak Peak), the album featuring select songs from the original horror comedy musical, is out NOW on all your favorite digital music and music streaming services!

Original Release: Friday, December 15, 2023

A hunchbacked assistant sick of her background role rallies a vampire’s brides, encourages them to break out of their roles, and challenges the head vampire, fighting to escape the vampire’s dungeon and save her first-ever friend from her mad scientist boss’s experiment.

Book, melodies, and lyrics: Jamie Lee
Music: Jamie Lee & Gary L. Luz

Starring: Jamie Lee as Igora, Kas Hesek as Matterna, Kat Kazumura as Opella, Addie Fugelseth as Neura, Priestessdeath as Obsidia, Alex Ebert as Dr. Parietal, John Fiore Carpino as Nemilos, and Bryan Joseph as Fritz

Find out more about Brides in this lovely article by Regina Belt-Daniels!

Special thanks: Matt Hordyke (Evurahr Theater), Jake Fontana, Justin LeBreck

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