Monthly Archives: February 2015

“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Friendship Tunes”!

Hi, everyone!

For the third week, we’ll have another installment of another grand Jammin’ with Jamie tradition!

… Hey, do anything almost every week for four years. I dare you not to have traditions.

At any rate, two weeks ago, we jammed to a mix of hilarious, gut-busting love songs! No matter what your feelings about Valentine’s Day, we all had a lot of fun with these songs!

Still, I’m fully aware that the very thought of Valentine’s Day makes some people’s stomachs turn. So, I decided to counterbalance the “hilarious love song” jam session with a jam session celebrating a different kind of love.

Grab a buddy––– or, if you’re alone, keep one or more of your buddies in mind––– as we gather and jam to…

Friends don’t leave friends hanging!

“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “And the Oscar Goes to… Cinematic Songs”!

Hi, everyone!

It’s time for the fourth installment of another grand Jammin’ with Jamie tradition! This Sunday, February 22, Neil Patrick Harris will take the stage and host the 87th Academy Awards!

So we’re going to have our very own pre-Oscar party!

(Struggles to open the envelope)…

“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Sidesplitting Love Songs”!

Hi, everyone!

Today is Friday the 13th, and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. So for some people, this year, they’ll have two days of bad luck!

Cue the rimshot!

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or hate it, you’re going to want to be jammin’ with us this week!

Get ready to laugh your heart out, as we jam to…

I love this already!

“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Alan Menken Melodies”!

Hi, everyone!

After a couple of weeks off, we’re back to jammin’!

A few years ago, we had a jam session dedicated to the songs of Irving Berlin. This week, I decided to dedicate our jam session to another person who has helped create so many memorable songs––– just like I said during the Irving Berlin-inspired jam session, even if you don’t know his name, you definitely know his work!

So this week, our jam session is dedicated to…

… To… ?