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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Hi, everyone!

I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Idina Menzel and James Snyder, thank you for the challenge!

Pee-wee Herman, Gonzo the Great, and Communications Residential College (CRC) residents past and present, you’ve been challenged!

You can make a donation to the ALS Association, too, at It’s a great cause!

Click here to see the “chilling” video!

Robin Williams

First and foremost, I want to give my deepest and sincerest condolences to Robin Williams’ family and friends and all who knew him.

I never, ever thought I’d be writing something like this. I don’t feel qualified to write this. After all, I never met Robin Williams. I’m not a comedian, or a professional writer or performer (yet). Who am I to write about a genius––– and I do not use that term lightly––– like Robin Williams? Furthermore, who am I to feel like I lost someone when I heard that he left us far too soon?

Perhaps I don’t deserve to write this. Perhaps I don’t deserve to feel this loss. But I do feel like I have to say something, so I will. I do believe that Robin Williams is, and will always be, a prime example of how we can inspire and help people we’ve never met in ways we can never even imagine.

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