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“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “New Beginning Beats (2024)”!

Hi, everyone!

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are both symbolically and literally times when we start anew. Sometimes by our own choice. Sometimes by the choices of people around us who decide that date is as good a date as any. Whether it’s thrust upon you or you chose to begin a new chapter, either way towards the end of January… that’s when it can start to turn. Maybe there’s more of a learning curve than you’re used to. Maybe you’re not getting the results you hoped for. Maybe, for whatever reason, you’re just getting sick of it.

Whether you’re excited, venting, or just want to reignite that spark inside you, we’ve got tunes for you, as we jam to a batch of…

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“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “New Beginning Beats (2023)”!

Hi, everyone!

It’s still January, so a lot of things are ending and a lot of things are beginning, whether via outside sources or our own choices.

Whether you’re happy about them or are in a situation where you don’t have much choice, let’s embrace them with a batch of…

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“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Curious Choruses (2022)”!

Hi, everyone!

I wondered for a while what to make the theme for this week. We’re in the middle of summer, but the “big” summer holidays have ended, and many of us are already planning for what’s coming up in the fall or beyond. What we do now is up to us… so what to do?

Maybe you’re waiting for something. Maybe you’re working toward something. Maybe you took a risk. Maybe you’re going for something that is, in one way or another, a big question mark.

Then I realized… the question is the answer!

Hear me out on this.

Wonder no longer, as we jam to a cavalcade of…

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“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Marvelous Motivational Melodies (2022)”!

Hi, everyone!

We’ve all had times when we’ve decided to pursue a new goal, forge a new path, or just leave something that’s not making us happy, not helping us, or holding us back. Some people use New Year’s resolutions, the start of a new month, the start of a new season, their birthdays, or any other sort of momentous milestone as a symbolic “starting line” for turning the page.

But you don’t need any sort of special occasion to start writing a new chapter in our lives. But, if you need a jam session, you’re in luck, because we’re about to jam to a magnificent mix of…

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“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Timely Tunes (2021)”!

Hi, everyone!

It’s officially Daylight Savings Time!

… Although, depending on where you are, just how much daylight time we’re saving is up for debate…

But whatever the case, we’re going to use our hour to the fullest by jammin’ to a ton of…

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“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Beginning Beats and Ending Ditties”!

Hi, everyone!

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and a new decade! It’s a time of new beginnings, both formal and informal. However, it’s also a time of both formal and informal endings.

On the formal side, certain seasonal jobs have ended, certain legal or work-related matters have met their deadline, and the wall and desk calendars have reached their expiration dates.

On the informal side, well, is everything else. New Year’s resolutions, personal and professional goals, a renewed spirit, and so much more.

The ending of one chapter is often the beginning of another, but there’s still a through line of story, characters, and/or settings to tie them together.

So in this “in between” space, let’s end one year and begin another with a batch of…

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“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “In the Moment Melodies”!

Hi, everyone!

On Jammin’ with Jamie, we often look to and motivate ourselves for the future. However, if one “lives in the future” 100% of the time, that gets exhausting, difficult, and even frustrating, as not everything works out the way you hope. And even when things do work out exactly as you hope, thinking ahead to the next “thing” will rob you of any enjoyment of what you’ve already earned and accomplished.

I’m here to entertain and inject some fun into your weekend, but I’m also here to help. So let’s enjoy our jammin’ time together with a mix of…

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“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Questioning Choruses”!

Hi, everyone!

This week is a landmark Jammin’ with Jamie!

OMG (Oh My Goulash)!

Yes! We’ll be giving away two tickets to Rachel Bloom’s concert on September 21 at the Chicago Theatre, as part of her “What Am I Going to Do with My Life Now?” tour!

Yes, I’m serious, and don’t call me… oh wait, you didn’t.

By total and complete coincidence, our theme coincides perfectly with Rachel Bloom’s concert tour’s title! (I’m not even kidding: I’ve had this theme planned for a while.)

Art imitates life, imitates art, snake eats tail, equals MC squared, singularity… My brain hurts…

No question about it, we’re going to be jammin’ to…

(Begins vocal warm-ups)

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“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Time Tunes”!

Hi, everyone!

You know I like to play songs that are timely… and this week, I’m doing it literally! So synchronize your watches, because it’s time for…

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“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Motivational Melodies (2019)”!

Hi, everyone!

Remember those New Year’s Resolutions you made? Or maybe the ones you made last year? Yeah, whatever happened to those?

Maybe you’re still chipping away at yours, in which case, congratulations! Or maybe you’ve fallen away from working towards your goal.

You longtime loyal Jammin’ with Jamie Jammers know this well, but for those of you who are new, here’s a little something about me: I’m pretty big on motivating you all to go for your dreams and do your best. And I work as hard and as often as I can to do the same in my own life.

But I know as well as anyone that it can be very difficult to get and stay motivated and to have confidence in yourself, your abilities, and that your efforts can and will pay off in some way. Sure, you can give yourself pep talks all you want, but you can start to wonder if you’re just being delusional.

But don’t despair! It’s all about taking one step at a time. And it’s much easier to take those steps if you’re feeling good. So, whether you’re trying to trick yourself into taking a chance or just wanting to laugh a little more as you confidently stride onward and upward, join us as we jam to a mix of…

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