“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Devious Dungeon Dance Ditties (2023)”!

Hi, everyone!

This is Jammin’ with Jamie Halloween jam session Number 6 of 6! … Because of course it’s six!

It’s the theme that’s so surprisingly prevalent in spooky songs, it’s the reason some of your fine requests and some of your freaky favorites haven’t been jammed to yet!

So today, stretch and get ready to rattle your bones to a deck of…

… “Devious Dungeon Dance Ditties (2023)”!

This week, we’re jammin’ to terror-ific, toe-tapping tunes! Songs about dancing, songs that teach us a dance, songs with famous dances associated with them… they’re all here, ready to haunt the dance halls!

The tunes we’ll be jammin’ to this week come courtesy of artists such as Son of Svengoolie, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Mr. Lobo, Michael Jackson, Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers, Rockapella, The Muppets, Bert Convy, and more! Certain selections come from films such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), Corpse Bride (2005), and Pennies from Heaven (1936)! Check out the categories and tags below for more clues!

I hope you consider jammin’ with us this Saturday at 7 am ET/6 am CT on 89.3 WNUR FM! If you like what you hear, let me know: I record every show and will happily send it to you! For more information about Jammin’ with Jamie, go here!

Thank you for reading, listening, and “jammin’,”
Jamie Lee

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