“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “New Beginning Beats (2024)”!

Hi, everyone!

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are both symbolically and literally times when we start anew. Sometimes by our own choice. Sometimes by the choices of people around us who decide that date is as good a date as any. Whether it’s thrust upon you or you chose to begin a new chapter, either way towards the end of January… that’s when it can start to turn. Maybe there’s more of a learning curve than you’re used to. Maybe you’re not getting the results you hoped for. Maybe, for whatever reason, you’re just getting sick of it.

Whether you’re excited, venting, or just want to reignite that spark inside you, we’ve got tunes for you, as we jam to a batch of…

… “New Beginning Beats (2024)”!

This week, we’re turning the page… whether we like it or not… and setting off on new adventures!

The tunes we’ll be jammin’ to this week come courtesy of artists such as Idina Menzel, the Looney Tunes, Bing Crosby, and more! Certain selections come from films such as Spirited (2022), Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (2008), Hairspray (2007), and Toy Story (1995), TV shows such as Galavant, Arthur, and Once Upon a Time, and musicals such as If/Then! Check out the categories and tags below for more clues!

I hope you consider jammin’ with us this Saturday at 7 am ET/6 am CT on 89.3 WNUR FM! If you like what you hear, let me know: I record every show and will happily send it to you! For more information about Jammin’ with Jamie, go here!

Thank you for reading, listening, and “jammin’,”
Jamie Lee

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