“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Songs of Friendship: Redux!”

Hi, everyone!

Thank you again to all of you to stayed with us so patiently as we worked through unexpected technical difficulties last week.

To make up for lost time, I decided to not only carry over the songs we had to skip over last week for the sake of time, but also the whole theme, giving us…

… “Songs of Friendship: Redux”!

This jam session will again be focused on friendship: finding friends, keeping friends, confiding in friends, and all the ups and downs in between.

The tunes we’ll be jammin’ to this week come courtesy of artists such as Svengoolie, Rachel Bloom, The Muppets, and more! Certain selections come from films such as Casper (1995) and the Land Before Time films, TV shows such as Galavant, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and other shows famous for celebrating friendship, and stage musicals such as If/Then!

I hope you consider jammin’ with us this week! If you’d like more information about the show, look no further than right here!

Thank you for reading, listening, and “jammin’,”
Jamie Lee

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