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“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Scooby Songs”!

Hi, everyone!

Well gang, it looks like we’ve got another jam session on our hands! This kid did some meddling, and discovered that September 13, 2019 marked fifty years since the debut of a certain gang of “meddling kids” and their dog.

Jeepers! We can’t let this go by without celebrating! So with Halloween coming up, I figured I’d ask for some requests from friends and fans related to this mystery-solving team and sprinkle them throughout the spooky season. But jinkies, did you all deliver! Between all of your requests, my own personal favorites, and songs you’re pretty much obligated to play during a tribute like this, I had enough evidence to make this case open and shut: it had to be a jam session all its own. It’s no mystery that the love for these characters is just as strong as it’s always been––– in fact, clues point to it probably being even stronger!

Zoinks! Speaking of clues, if you’ve been paying attention to the clues I’ve left so far, then you’ve most likely already cracked the case of this week’s Jammin’ with Jamie theme.

But, for dramatic effect and for tradition’s sake––– and because it’s just so gosh-darn fun––– let’s theatrically unmask it!

“Let’s see what this week’s Jammin’ with Jamie theme really is!”

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