“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Tongue-Twisting Tunes”!

Hi, everyone!

This week, we have a brand new, never-before-heard theme on Jammin’ with Jamie––– a theme that I’ve wanted to do for a long time!

If you’ve jammed with us before, you know that I always encourage all of my fellow Jammers (That’s you!) to sing and dance along with us as we jam to terrific tunes.

Well this week, we’re going to put your enunciation to the test, we jam to…

… “Tongue-Twisting Tunes”!

This week, some of the songs we’ll be jammin’ to will be a little more difficult to sing along to due to their tongue-twisting lyrics, while other tunes will be easier to catch onto, because they revolve around a particular word. Good luck!

So far, the tunes we’ll be jammin’ to this week come courtesy of artists such as Julie Andrews, Idina Menzel, Riders in the Sky, The Champs, and more! Certain selections come from films such as Mary Poppins (1964), The Lego Movie (2014), and Tarzan (1999), and even stage shows such as Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz, If/Then, and Elf: The Musical!

I hope you consider jammin’ with us this week! If you’d like more information about the show and how you can tune in and jam with us, you can find everything you need right here!

Thank you for reading, listening, and jammin’,
Jamie Lee

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