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“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Sci-Fi Songs (2019)”!

Hi, everyone!

This Jammin’ with Jamie jam session is going to be more… experimental… as we mix and match and blow up a volatile series of…

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“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Supernatural and Sci-Fi Songs! (Halloween 2014: Part 2)”!

Hi, everyone!

We’re continuing on with our month-long theme of Halloween harmonies to haunt our heads and really get us into the spirit of the spooky season!

Last week, we jammed our way through the roster of the various creatures that tend to lurk around this time of year. But have you ever noticed that the scares that surface at this time each year tend to fall into one of two categories?

Well, this week, we’re going to look at both sides of the coin, with a series of…

Well, as long as it’s not a cursed coin…

“Jammin’ with Jamie” Theme: “Magical Melodies and Sci-Fi Songs (Halloween 2013: Part 2)”!

Hi, everyone!

I’ve realized that I really should start putting pictures before the break, so here’s a picture from the Volo Auto Museum (VoloCars.com) on Saturday, October 5.

Yes, I met Svengoolie again! (And I dressed up for the occasion, too!)

Yes, I met Svengoolie again! (And I dressed up for the occasion, too!)

Now that that picture put Halloween on your mind (I hope)…

Last week’s jam session got us into the Halloween spirit (pun intended) by reminding us of the many treats from both the big and small screen that we’re more likely to pull out and enjoy this time of year. So, where do we go next?

Well, as I promised last week, we’re still jammin’ to Halloween music, and with a brand new “sub-theme”!

Films, television shows, and other works in the horror genre can and do frequently cross over with other genres. When this happens, two common genres in such a crossover are fantasy and science fiction. (Yes, I know that there are others, but I had to give our jam session some focus!)

In this week’s jam session, these worlds will collide! Witches will cast a spell and aliens will invade the studio to bring us…

I can’t stand the suspense! What’s the theme, Jamie Lee?!